1:1 Coaching

As a coach and sparring partner, I encourage you to reflect on yourself and your story. Your very personal resources enable you to discover and pursue new professional paths.

I listen honestly, question, reflect and challenge you throughout the process of rediscovery - always with a touch of humour.

I am happy to accompany you in my office in Richterswil or virtually in your next professional adventure.

Career planning 2.0

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But there was one thing...
Midlife crisis or midlife

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Returning to
work after
family leave

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Job loss -
what now?

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Retirement -
what is yet to come

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Individual topic
as desired

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Coaching issues in detail

Career planning 2.0

You have already spent years in your established profession, have developed and progressed. But all of a sudden the old clothes start to pinch. It does not fit anymore, your motivation stagnates and you can no longer stand behind what you are doing.

Together we analyse your path so far and define your job portfolio. Then you will draft new opportunities for your next professional career move. So that you are once again enthusiastic and happy about what you are doing.

But there was one thing...
Midlife crisis or midlife chance?

Happiness research confirms that people between 45 and 55 are most dissatisfied with their lives. It is a turbulent time in which hormones and external influences (children going through puberty, parents in need of care, etc.) go crazy. Was that all and what is still to come?

I accompany you in this challenging process, support you in sorting out your ideas and thoughts. Together we will design a plan so that you know what your heart's project looks like for the next couple of years.

Returning to work after family leave

Your children are already more independent or out of the family home and you want to try something new in your career, perhaps a new job, further training or all of the above?

I support you in reflecting on and compiling your wealth of experience in a portfolio, developing your vision and marketing yourself on the job market. In doing so, you will become aware of your strengths, values and interests and will confidently embark on a new future.

Job loss - what now?

A dismissal often comes unexpectedly and hits our self-worth. What now and what next?

Together we will find out what strengths you have and what makes you unique. You develop new goals and find ways to pursue them. In the process, I will accompany you in defining your profile, setting up your self-marketing and launching your new job.

Retirement - what is yet to come?

Finally retired, finally free... After the honeymoon of retirement with travelling, gardening, meeting friends, looking after grandchildren, the big disillusionment often follows. The daily structure and a task are missing, and sometimes also the sense to fill the newly won time. And yet you still feel so healthy and fit.

Let us discover together what is still lying dormant in you and wants to be lived. It can be everything, but it doesn't have to be. So that the pension will be fun.