Driving positive
change at work.

Would you like to promote and develop your employees so that a true partnership is created?

Would you like to make a pit stop in your career and set a new course?

Being open-minded and interested in others, I enjoy working with people and organisations, always with a pinch of humour and an open perspective.

As a trainer and coach, I work with organisations that actively support their employees and thus make an important contribution to employee retention in order to find new ways to combat the shortage of skilled workers.

I accompany private individuals through challenges at work in their midlife years. In 1:1 conversations I support and coach them on their path into their next adventure.

With my extensive experience since 2008 as a trainer and coach in the international financial industry, in the educational sector and in integration, we develop together new, creative and above all sustainable solutions.

I am looking forward to working with you!

Mirjam Trachsel

Workshop & Coaching

Workshop topics

As a company, would you like to accompany, support and develop your employees on their path so that a true partnership evolves?

Coaching issues

As a private person, would you like to take a pit-stop, reflect on your backpack, bundle your resources and give it a fresh start?